There are many factors that influence the success of a trade show, but perhaps the 4 key factors for the success of a trade show or event are; the staff, the message, the action and the follow up.

An image of a steps to big profits chart.


Correct personnel
The right people are those who have the ability to carry out the specific steps to achieve the objectives. He knows what to do and how to do it. Proper staff selection and training can double or triple the results of an event.

Correct Message
The right message is the one that reaches our target audience because it is designed for them, it filters out visitors who are not of interest to us. If we convey a clear message we will avoid questions such as “what are you doing?”

Correct action
It is to get the attendee to take the action we expect after attending the event. If, for example, we are promoting a new product and we want people who pass by our booth or attend our event to buy it, we will have to plan what to do so that after the event they will buy the product. We can offer them a discount, a promotion, a gift, etc., an action that generates the desired behavior.

A fair without follow-up has very little profitability. This step is usually the most difficult to perform and the one that has the greatest impact on a positive roi of the event. After the fatigue of the fair and the work that has accumulated during those days, we tend to put it aside. If we do a good follow-up, we can increase the results by up to 80%.

When we organize our next fair, we must take these aspects into account and give them the importance they have.