At a trade show we have very little time to communicate with visitors. We have to do it very well in order to communicate what we are interested in, obtain information, connect the visitor’s needs with what we offer and achieve the sale.

How to do it?


In 3 seconds we must attract visitors to stop at our booth.

We should use open-ended questions; who, how, when, where or why. Questions related to the event, our product or service and its benefits.

Avoid questions such as “How are you doing? may I help you? how do you like the fair? have you found what you came for?

It is important to create sympathy. When we make people feel good, they will connect with us more easily and our image towards them will improve.

We should not take more than 45 seconds to find out if the visitor’s profile matches our target. To know if we will be able to do business with that person and how likely it is that he or she will buy our product, we will have to ask the right questions.

In 3 minutes we have to know the visitor’s needs.

If we have seen that we have a chance of doing business with that person, we move on to the questioning phase to find out exactly what they want.

Share information. Now is the time to talk about our company, our products and benefits, not before. We have already heard and gathered enough information. We have to communicate our message in just 60 seconds. We have to sell our company, product or service very well, in a single sentence and ask closed questions, so that they give us a yes or no answer.

This seems simple, but needs a lot of training time.
For 5 minutes of excellence we need at least 50 hours of preparation.