A booth is the image of the company at a trade fair.


How many times have we walked around a fair and seen poor stands, poorly distributed, poorly designed, with a graphic that is not understood or with a couple of displays. There are also stands that impress, beautiful, with an innovative design, well illuminated, with good finishes, with a graphic according to the company and with a clear and successful message. We don’t know either company, but what are we going to think of each one? without a doubt what your booth conveys.

A booth is the image of the company at the fair. At a trade fair more than anywhere else the saying that the first impression is the one that remains is absolutely true, since we usually do not have the opportunity to make a second impression.

What we show is what people perceive, no more and no less. If we have a shabby stand we can not expect people to think that our company is the best, even if it is, visitors will imagine a shabby company and if we have a spectacular stand no matter how our company is we will give the image of being a great company.

This does not mean that we have to make a stand that is an architectural work, but that, first, we have to give it the importance it has, and second, we have to be clear about what image we want people to have of our company, and based on that we will make a design according to our budget. It is possible to make very worthy things, that transmit well our message and the image of the company, that are not expensive and thus achieve a good first impression.

Because if the first impression is not good, we can have a better product than the competition, but we will not sell it in the same way.