We know that trade fairs are the perfect place to establish professional relationships, whether with potential customers or suppliers, or with potential partners. At a trade fair we know in advance which companies will be exhibiting, in many cases there are also conferences or networking events organized around the fair, which increases our chances of meeting people from the sector with whom we can establish relationships. We know that we want to establish contacts and in most cases we already know which companies are of interest to us. Whether the contacts we make turn into the desired professional relationships depends largely on us, how we communicate and whether we manage to connect with the other person.

The key to achieving a solid contact is to connect, but do we know how to do it? do we know how to connect?

We connect when we have something in common with the other person. Connecting is knowing what the other person needs, so we know how to use the right words. When we want that potential customer to say yes, we have to look for the connect button.

If we know what the person needs and wants, we offer it, connect and get a yes.

Our image is our first step to connect.

The second way of connection after the image is our smile.

To connect with someone face to face we have to keep in mind that body language, image, gestures and facial expressions is 60% of that communication, the tone, how we say things is 33% and the message, what we say is only 7%. Attitude is the most important thing when communicating.

More than 90% of the tool we have to connect with someone is not what we sell, it has more to do with the confidence with which we speak, with the emotion with which we speak, with our attitude and our image.

The tone is what gets through to people, it has to be confident, but friendly at the same time and it must be lively for them to listen to you, with a monotonous tone of voice you will bore them and they will not listen to you.

To communicate well, it is also very important to LISTEN. To connect we need to talk less and listen more. When we listen we are receiving the information that will serve as a connection button.

Never interrupt.

Some people are more extroverted, with greater people skills and with greater facility of speech than others, this type of people a priori have more facility to communicate but if they do not take into account the above, they will not be able to connect.