Face to face is truly the most powerful marketing tool. Effective communication is about connecting and we can only connect by being face to face.

Now with the internet we are all connected and can have “relationships” through the network, that is a reality, but what are those relationships really like?

A relationship requires more than one contact, no matter how frequent, via the Internet, and I am talking about professional relationships. We can contact someone, exchange information, opinions, get to know the person a little better and establish a professional relationship, but there is something that can only be achieved face to face, other types of bonds are achieved, such as sympathy, empathy or connection, bonds are strengthened, trust is generated, a closer personal relationship is achieved that will make the professional relationship more solid.

We all seek to have customers or suppliers that we connect with and trust, that make our day-to-day life easier and that bring value to our company.

That’s the true value of a face-to-face action, of a trade show. Know, be known and connect.

Are you really still thinking about attending the next trade show in your industry? whether as an exhibitor or as a visitor, if you want to “connect” and establish solid relationships you must attend.