A marketing plan is a practical step-by-step guide on how to prepare a trade show. It is not easy to implement but if we want our fair to be a success we must work and do this part well.

When we attend a trade fair or participate in an event, it is essential to make a good trade fair marketing plan to get the most out of our participation.

But what does a good trade fair marketing plan have to have in order to increase the benefits that the event can bring us?


It is very important to plan well, follow a calendar to do things on time, not to miss any date and not to make the budget more expensive with last minute increases. By starting to plan ahead, we will also achieve a good location.

The first thing is to establish clear, measurable and, of course, achievable objectives. We need to be clear about why and for what purpose we are attending the fair, and what we want to achieve by participating.

Then set tactics, which will be the actions that will lead us to achieve the objectives set.

List the tasks to be performed in the coming months and assign a person responsible for each of them.

Make a cost estimate. We have to be able to stick to the budget we have for the fair and we also have to make sure that we are going to make a profit. We must make a realistic estimate of how much we are going to spend and how much we can generate.

A promotion and advertising plan is important to achieve more traffic, not only in our booth but also in our website and social networks. It may be a good idea to consider an offer, promotion or claim to increase the number of visits.

A complete briefing to achieve an effective stand that attracts attention, communicates our message and differentiates us from the competition.

A handbook for staff. We will only be able to benefit from the possibilities offered by a trade fair if our booth staff is well trained.

Finally, we must follow up. Nothing we do will provide us with positive results if we do not follow up well afterwards.

Success lies in getting all the steps right, not skipping any of them. We will achieve greater effectiveness, with fewer errors and better results.