What happens if our company invests a large amount of money in attending a trade fair and we do not achieve any results?

The company will probably decide not to participate in the next edition of the fair.

That would be a mistake.


We know that trade fairs work, that they are the place where the most potential clients are concentrated for a company. If we have chosen the right fair where to exhibit, if our competitors or other companies in the sector attend the fair, repeat and have good results, why not us?

Surely we have done something wrong.

It has an easy solution. Learn from our mistakes and take advantage of them. We still have several months ahead of us for the next edition.

The first thing we have to do is to analyze the preparation of the previous fair. Were we clear about the objectives of the fair? Did the design of our stand reflect the image of the company? Was the message the right one? Did we communicate well? Was the staff well trained? Did they know what they had to do and what not? Did we follow up with the contacts who visited the stand? ….. Probably not.

If we analyze each step of the preparation, participation and follow-up we will discover what we have not done well and why we have failed. If we keep this in mind at the next fair we will see how the results change. If we are not able to know where we have failed or do not know how to do it correctly, we can hire a company to advise us. The cost will be minimal in the overall budget of the fair, and once we know how to do it, it will be useful for any other fair we attend.

If our company carries out a good trade fair plan, it is certain that the participation results will be much better. It doesn’t matter if we have been attending the same fair for years, even if we achieve good results, following a good fair plan will increase the benefit of our participation.
Isn’t that what we are all looking for?